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Lucy PR Coordinator Team Evango

“Quo Vadis” – A Weekly Live Stream Series. LEARN MORE

Premiering February 8th, 2019, join us weekly for “Quo Vadis,” a show in which lay evangelist, Patrick Sullivan, helps you to swim through the spiritually lukewarm soup of today’s culture and come ashore to the knowledge of what the Church teaches and how to make God-centered, fruitful, and life-forming decisions. Just as St. Peter is said to have uttered the famous words, Quo Vadis, Domine, so Patrick challenges you with these similar words, “Where are you going in your spiritual life?” Join us live on Facebook every Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

“Me & My House” Parenting Program Launches LEARN MORE

Evango proudly presents “Me & My House,” a theology of parenting video series that offers a faith-filled and concrete response to the daily problems affecting family life on a daily basis. The 5 ½ hour program is our contribution to the effort shown by the Church to renew society, one family cell at a time. The series addresses every day parenting trials, but above all, teaches parents how to grow in the knowledge of their children, and how to grow in mutual love and holiness, all the while keeping God at the center of family life. With an Imprimatur from Cardinal Collins, leader and participant guides to be released in the near future, “Me and My House” is the program that promises to revolutionize Catholic homes, one family at a time. Order your copy today so you too can begin to build your domestic church!

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Josh 24:15)

“Me & My House” Sneak Peek Event LEARN MORE

On October 25th, 2018, at St. Isaac Jogues Parish in Pickering, Ontario, Monika and Chris Matelski, Toronto sector couple for the Teams of Our Lady, hosted a launch event for Evango’s new parenting program, “Me & My House.” The gathered parents, eager to equip themselves with the tools necessary to raise happy and holy kids, had the chance to view exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, actual program footage, and socialize with other like-minded married couples - some with children, others newly married and hoping for children, but all desiring to arm themselves with a faith-filled childrearing mindset. Be on the lookout for more events in the future!

Shalom World TV

Program: Joyfully Big
Meda Type: Television
Length: 28 min
Date Released: September 16th, 2017


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a big Catholic family? In the Fall of 2017, Shalom World Tv featured the Sullivan Family on an episode of “Joyfully Big,” a broadcast dedicated to discovering the beauty of growing a domestic church with couples remarkably open to life. Join the Sullivans as they share the joys unique to large Catholic families. Tune in every third Saturday at 7:30PM ET for a new episode of “Joyfully Big.”

Band of Christian Brothers

Host: David Gilbert
Episode Title: “Spiritual Leadership”
Meda Type: Podcast
Length: 50 min
Date of Release: May 4, 2017


What is spiritual leadership and what does it have to do with men? Rookie farmer and co-founder of Serviam Ministries, David Gilbert, interviews our very own Patrick Sullivan on his podcast, Band of Christian Brothers, to discuss the role of men as “spiritual leaders”, both at home and out in the world. Together, they examine the mission of each family to strive towards holiness and evangelization; the family culture unique to each family through which they convey the Good News to the world; how to strive to understand your children’s vices and virtues; and, how to actively woo your wife and enter into the mystery that is your bride. The Band of Christian Brothers podcast airs on Radio Maria Canada.


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