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Organizing an inspiring and meaningful Faith-based event can be stressful, but finding a great speaker doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking to host a Parish Mission, a Conference, or something in between, Patrick is here to help bring your event to fruition. Simply drop us a line and together let’s design the kind of event that best reaches the hearts of your audience.


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Length: Two Days
Number of Talks: 2 – 4


Parish Missions are a wonderful way to renew your parish community at a time when it is most receptive to God’s grace. Offering two-day missions with up to four talks in total, our Evango Team can help create the kind of experience that your parishioners need in order to enter more fully into the season, be it the season of Advent or the season of Lent. Reserve your Parish Mission today to ensure that Patrick is available to inspire your parish next!


Intended Audience: Adult
Topics: Mary, Evangelization, Theology of Parenting, and More!


Are you organizing a conference but are having difficulty finding an inspiring speaker to captivate your audience? We believe that the most important element to hosting a successful event is having a charismatic and character-driven speaker who can naturally engage a crowd. Patrick has extensive experience presenting to both small and large audiences, for young adults and adults alike, and can speak on a myriad of subjects, including, but not limited to our mother Mary, the Angels, Evangelization, Scriptural Threads, Spiritual Formation and Renewal, and Theology of Parenting. Whether you need someone for a single conference or for multiple speaking engagements, or you have a unique topic in mind, we will eagerly work together to help you attain your goal.


Intended Audience: Adult
Topics: The Theology of Parenting, Evangelizing in and with the Family, Cultivating a Family Culture, and More!


How do you begin to guide your son, daughter, or grandchild towards God in a way that is natural and effective? What is a family culture and how do you cultivate one? How do you bring your children to salvation? Salvation begins in the home. As the creator of the Catholic Parenting Program, “Me & My House,” Patrick offers theology of parenting seminars for parents and grandparents that can help you discover the foundations of your parenthood, teach you practical habits of parenting, and empower you with the tools necessary to raise joyful and holy kids.


Patrick led one of the best retreats I’ve ever been on. He brought scripture to life and broke it down in a way that lead me deeper into the heart of the Father. His passionate storytelling kept me engaged all day. Very well done. Thank you, Patrick!

- Lydia Brownrigg

Patrick led our staff through one of - if not the best - retreats we’ve had. His style is real and rooted in his relationship with God, informed by his dedicated studies, and he is great at weaving stories in to illustrate the point. I would highly recommend his ministry, especially for leaders/missionaries. I personally was able to more deeply encounter the Lord and go forth inspired and renewed in zeal for the mission. Thanks again, Patrick!

- Ian Anderson

Patrick is such an engaging speaker. I felt as though I related to almost everything he touched on tonight. I could swear he was talking directly to me. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

- Carol Najdek

Patrick lead a mission at St. John the Baptist Parish in Perth and left us uplifted, inspired, and informed. His ability to share the love of our God with and for us made the meetings fly by. His prayer, “Lord, not my words but yours” gave credibility to his claim of “being called [by God] to speak.” If you want to feel affirmed, challenged, and inspired to follow our God more closely and consistently, Patrick’s message is for you.

- Kim Lapointe

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Full Length Talk


Brief Speaker Bio

Patrick holds degrees in Literature, Education, and Theology. His talks have been aired on Shalom World Television and EWTN. He has spoken frequently at conferences, travels internationally for parish renewal missions, and is the creator and host of the groundbreaking Catholic parenting program, “Me & My House.” Patrick is married to the love of his life, Kyla, and is the proud father of 9 children, one of whom is praying for him from heaven.

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