Parish Mission

Advent   Lent   Easter

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let’s make your next parish mission
incredibly easy.

Just answer the following questions to better
prepare your event.

1.In which season do you want to host a


Advent    Lent    Easter


How many days will your parish
mission be?


1    2    3


3.Are you looking for a date between


Monday to Wednesday
Thursday to Saturday?


Which talks do you want to hear
during the mission?


*each talk is 30-40 min in length

*maximum two talks per evening

*for talk descriptions please contact us





Joseph – man of courage, man of faith

The Biblical Roots of Christmas Symbols

The Word Made Flesh

Awaiting a Messiah

John, Zechariah and Elizabeth – the story of Quamran

Infancy Angels – announcing Christmas



The Role of Silence

The Role of Suffering


Prayer – the kind you are called to

Root Sin – we all have it

Root Sin – It’s time to get rid of it

The Last Supper – in light of Jewish tradition

Prophecy Fulfilled – Psalm 22, Isaiah 52-3

The Last Words of Christ

The Four Last Things – Death

The Four Last Things – Judgment

The Four Last Things – Hell

The Four Last Things – Heaven



Emmaus and the Real Presence

The Great Commission

Images of Resurrection

Easter, Death and our Final Destination

The Trinity – an Easter revelation

Easter Personalities – John, Magdalene,Peter, Thomas

Were you able to decide?

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