What is Evango?

Evango is a lay organization founded by Catholic Lay Evangelist, Patrick Sullivan, with the sole aim of evangelizing this culture. Truth, goodness and beauty; that is what we will share with the world through the best modern media has to offer.

In its relatively short life span (a little less than two years) the Evango Team have conquered one project after another as they have sought to serve our Lord.

Three books, three video series, appearances on some of the most recognized media platforms in the Catholic world (e.g. EWTN, Shalom World Media, Salt and Light Television, etc.) and most recently a weekly, live show on Facebook – all of it is part of Evango’s growing mission to evangelize the baptize wherever they are found.

Just listen to Patrick describe it…

“As a Lay Missionary Family, my wife Kyla and I, and our seven children solely depend on the generosity of people like you to live, and to continue our work in the Lord’s vineyard.

Our mission is a simple one that was summed up so well by our five year old son just before I went to stand in front of a large crowd. In response to the question, what should I say to them Tobias replied, tell them about Jesus.”

So if you are trying to figure out what Patrick and evango are all about, just remember the words of my son, Tobias: We are trying to tell people about Jesus.

What do you do with the money?

We put the money to good use by hiring the best in cinematography, and acquiring the equipment necessary to bring their talents to the forefront. We’re doing this for God. It has to be our best.

So we enlisted the help of some fantastic cinematographers who have done work for National Geographic and other well known secular media giants (in other words, they know beauty). Is it worth it? You bet.

When we considered what so many people are spending to create video entertainment that goes nowhere, we at Evango knew that if we were going to have a chance at reaching hearts with a lasting impression, the message had to be visually beautiful.

The Faith is beautiful, and people have forgotten that.

So we have made a commitment to hire the best so we can do our best for Jesus.

That means better video equipment.
That means better audio equipment.
That means better software.

That means getting the pros to turn their God-given talents over to God and make some amazing stuff.

That is where our funds are going. We’re doing this for God. It has to be the best we can make it.

How else do you make money?

Catholic Lay Evangelist Patrick Sullivan travels internationally giving retreats, parish missions and speaking at Faith filled conferences. These events, combined with the sale of Patrick’s books and talks on CD, go right back into Evango’s mission. There is no other part-time job or division of his time. Patrick gives all of his efforts to this most important work.

What’s in it for me?

Not everyone can devote their waking hours to creating and producing content to bring back our Christian brothers and sisters, but we all have to become evangelizers.

By donating to this important work, you are making it possible for thousands of people to see, read or hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ in a medium that they understand.

Your donation gets Patrick in front of more audiences, allows us to continue to hire the best in video production, and enables us to meet the evangelization needs of countless people all over the globe.

As a bonus, just to thank you for helping us in the vineyard of the Lord, we want to give a gift. We’re all in this together. May the Lord see His children working together to bring His Good News to the world.

So please, if you think you have heard Jesus asking you to reach out and financially support something after His own heart…

…if you think evangelization is important and you want people to come back to our Lord.

If you are just sick of not hearing the Gospel proclaimed beautifully…

…please donate to Evango, because without you, our struggle is all the greater.

And to say thank you to all of you who are willing to make our mission to evangelize possible by supporting us financially, we have set up various gifts that you’ll see on our donation page.

Remember, we cannot do this without you.


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