Some Messy Scandals

No not sandals, scandals and some messy ones at that, because you see, there are many scandals in the Faith. I might be scandalized for example, at how many in public office profess Jesus and yet act decidedly contrary to the Son of God. I might be scandalized at how many work for the Church […]

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Easter Inspiration # 23
Resurrection or Resuscitation

I still remember the feeling inside me when I heard the priest say to the entire Church, ‘Jesus didn’t resurrect Lazarus.’ It bothered me, and I imagine it will bother you too. But if we allow for that priest to explain something, to you through me, we might stop to realize that the raising of […]

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Easter Inspiration # 22
Mary, an Easter Personality

One cannot help but notice the subtle shift of a Mary quietly supporting the ministry of her son, to a Mary who in many ways has become hidden, imperceptible even, in the Easter community. Before the crucifixion, few words were used to say much about this honourable woman, and to this day the Scriptures stand […]

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Easter Inspiration # 21
John the Beloved

To be aware of God’s love is quite the gift, and we might even say, that this awareness is the beginning of every saintly life. And while all the saints have known this, few of them have written about it as beautifully as St. John the Evangelist. Guided by the Holy Spirit, John would write: […]

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Easter Inspiration # 20

The Church is built on forgiveness; it must be, because it was built on Peter. And Peter, as all collective memory agrees, was a man who embodied our need for it. The three denials of Christ stand out in our minds as the most offensive and exemplary, and the quo vadis story that has been […]

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Easter Inspiration # 19
Mary Magdalene

There are few hearts so open, so revealed to us in Holy Scripture, like the heart of Mary Magdalene. In the brief passages that bring her into focus, we see her as a person who begins at a distance from Christ, only to slowly, imperceptibly even, be in a position to cling to Jesus. And […]

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Easter Inspiration # 17
It’s Real

Looking back on the last century, with all of the accomplishments in biblical, archaeological and linguistic scholarship that have bolstered the Catholic position, it might be difficult to see why there has been such a decrease in faithfulness. But this ignores the fact that knowledge and faith have never had an equal sign between them. […]

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Easter Inspiration # 16
My Resurrected Friend

The Church of this millennium will not thrive because we know our Catechism. The Church of this millennium will not endure because we fight against the moral collapse of our nation with more vigor and courage. The Church of this millennium will only explode with Faith and passion and zeal if we befriend Jesus, and […]

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