That Slide is Still Here

Last winter, Grandpa made an enormous, winter slide for our kids. Towering on our front lawn, it has two legs resting on the porch while the other two find their home somewhere in the grass. Needless to say, the kids love it, having given them many hours of fun as they took turns sliding down […]

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Beware the False Victim

I met a woman today who spent most of our conversation lying to me. She lied to me about what she knew and didn’t know. She lied to me about what she really cares about and what she is willing to do to get it. And she lied, sadly, about why she was about to […]

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Dark Places

We all have dark places; places we go to when we cannot face reality. For some of us, that place is filled with lies about us. For others, that place is filled with lies about others. And though we keep coming back to it, we have to admit that we too hate it there. So […]

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The Risky Business of Teaching Kids to Problem Solve

Now, I am no fan of giving little people sharp objects, but when my two year old Caleb suddenly presented himself with a screwdriver in his hand, conflicting thoughts began in me at once. The first thought was to disarm him using something out of an Aikido presentation I once observed (perhaps kate gaeshi would […]

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Some Messy Scandals

No not sandals, scandals and some messy ones at that, because you see, there are many scandals in the Faith. I might be scandalized for example, at how many in public office profess Jesus and yet act decidedly contrary to the Son of God. I might be scandalized at how many work for the Church […]

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Easter Inspiration # 23
Resurrection or Resuscitation

I still remember the feeling inside me when I heard the priest say to the entire Church, ‘Jesus didn’t resurrect Lazarus.’ It bothered me, and I imagine it will bother you too. But if we allow for that priest to explain something, to you through me, we might stop to realize that the raising of […]

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Easter Inspiration # 22
Mary, an Easter Personality

One cannot help but notice the subtle shift of a Mary quietly supporting the ministry of her son, to a Mary who in many ways has become hidden, imperceptible even, in the Easter community. Before the crucifixion, few words were used to say much about this honourable woman, and to this day the Scriptures stand […]

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