I want to challenge those I meet to bring the head and heart together. True Catechesis in the Church will only occur when this happens. Love the Lord Jesus; learn about the one you love and then and only then will the new evangelization bear fruit!


Hi my name is Patrick, and I am what some like to call, a Catholic Lay Evangelist.

What that means is that I spend my time, resources and knowledge, finding ways to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to this culture.

This is not always easy as you can imagine, but my background in theology, literature and education have helped immensely.

So far, this has meant YouTube videos on various topics from a Christian perspective, speaking at many parish, conference, school and other events, as well as the completion of two books.

The first book was written to meet the needs and challenges of teachers and their students who want to clearly distinguish the Christian Faith from any other (Four Monks Walk into a Pub). And the second book was written to assist all of the faithful Christians out there who want a real plan of action for how to evangelize (Dare to Be an Evangelist).

Who would have thought many years ago, as I attended lecture after lecture at St. Augustine’s Seminary, that my family would now be fully in the trenches speaking about the Faith. And yet, here we are.

As a Lay Missionary Family, my wife Kyla and I, solely depend on the generosity of people like you to live, and to continue our work in the Lord’s vineyard.

Our mission is a simple one that was summed up so well by our five year old son just before I went to stand in front of a large crowd. In response to the question, what should I say to them Tobias replied, tell them about Jesus.

So if you are here on this website for the first time, and are really trying to figure out what Patrick and evango are all about, just remember the words of my son, Tobias. We are trying to tell people about Jesus.

In Christ,

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