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Are you scared yet?

If you have taken your Lenten journey seriously this year, then I have no doubt that it has been quite a struggle.   For some, the struggle might come from hearing more of the evil one than they are used to discerning in their ordinary lives; and for others the struggle might come from hearing […]

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The Walk of Shame

I don’t know if you have looked around in Church lately, but I have.   And one thing that is glaringly obvious is that parents are struggling.   They are struggling to control their children, and they are certainly struggling to get what God is trying to give them.   If you can relate, try […]

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Got Community? Give It Away.

There is something about community that has the ability to break hearts in the best way. Whether it is the solid arm of a fellow as you together confront evil, or the joyful voice accompanying you in song before a large and eager group of children, there really is no comparison. Community is what moves […]

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The Power of Joyful Simplicity

There is something radically transformative about encountering a person who has less materially than you and yet is quantifiably more joyful than you.  There is something of a silent homily to be found in the person who has learned the secret love of the simple life while not condemning those who still cling to the […]

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