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Ashes to palms

Ashes to Palms Free Lenten Video series This Lent, let's make the journey together Yes, sign me up for the videos WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO Make the journey this Lent? The Ashes to Palms Lenten Video Series is a new way of experiencing the journey of Lent. Through engaging, relevant, and beautiful videos, Catholic [...] Continue reading
January 31, 2018


Parish Mission Advent   Lent   Easter Return to what matters let's make your next parish mission incredibly easy. Just answer the following questions to better prepare your event. 1.In which season do you want to host a mission?   Advent    Lent    Easter 2. How many days will your parish mission be?   1    2    3 [...] Continue reading
December 6, 2017

Obsessed with Circles

Of all the shapes it is quite fascinating that we have become enamored with the circle. As if the points on all others were somehow less than divine, many faiths have seen in its roundness the perfect image for this doctrine or that. And while it would be wrong of me to pick on the […]

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5 Day Catholic Parenting Challenge – Day 3

DAY 3: THE GIFTS GOD GAVE THEM It’s time to let your child know about it View Video Transcript In today’s challenge we are going to do something that will really change the way our children feel about themselves. We are going to remind them of the gifts and talents God has given them. Now [...] Continue reading
June 30, 2017

Seasonal Videos

WHY A VIDEO SERIES FOR ADVENT AND LENT? Our ministry team gets a lot of requests to focus our attention on this or that need within the Church, but one thing that seems common to them all is the desire to regain a sense of hope. Most people don’t want to fight this theological battle [...] Continue reading
June 8, 2017

About Evango

Evango is a lay organization founded in 2014 that looks to re-evangelize the baptized through the support of concerned Catholics everywhere. Using the best that modern media has to offer, Evango seeks to provide inspiring video series during Advent and Lent, online courses to elevate their understanding of the Faith, and video programs designed to [...] Continue reading
June 8, 2017

About Patrick Sullivan

Through his weekly articles, videos, livestreams and inspiring messages, Patrick encourages thousands of Christians around the world to know, love and live the Faith. His seasonal video series for Advent (Come to Christ) and Lent (Ashes to Palms) have been freely distributed throughout North America and beyond, and have been received with much enthusiasm in [...] Continue reading
May 30, 2017

Here’s When a Husband Should Die

The problem with man is that he always prefers to die at the end of his life, as if this was somehow the way God had intended it to be from the beginning. But the beginning of man, like yours and mine, necessitated that he die when that great abomination known as death was nowhere […]

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Ashes to Palms

What are you doing to enter the desert this Lent?Join Thousands of Catholics From Around The World As They Enter  the Desert with Ashes to Palms.FREE COME TO CHRIST ‘LEADER’S KIT’:Get priority notification of all videos, transcripts, and other exclusive perks. YES, I WANT TO JOIN THE ASHES TO PALMS MOVEMENT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TOEnter the desert […]

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February 22, 2017


 What is Evango? Evango is a lay organization founded by Catholic Lay Evangelist, Patrick Sullivan, with the sole aim of evangelizing this culture. Truth, goodness and beauty; that is what we will share with the world through the best modern media has to offer. In its relatively short life span (a little less than […]

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December 15, 2016