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Where the Angels Go in Lent

It is not unusual for our minds to turn to those heavenly beings when contemplating the liturgy; or to feel their presence powerfully as we enter most fully into the Biblical and therefore true account of the resurrection.   But once we sojourners begin our long and arduous walk into Lent, there is a tendency […]

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Preparing for Lent

As Lent approaches I find myself reading and discerning the Scriptures in a very different way than I usually do.   For while my heart is still on evangelization, I cannot help but think that our proclamation of Jesus must take on a different tone as the season approaches.   You might say that we […]

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The Most Common Mistake in Lent

We all do it. We get to this point in Lent and we say to ourselves, ‘this penance is actually a lot easier than I thought.’ And then you and I make the decision that derails our Lenten journey. We up the ante. We increase our spiritual load so that we can really feel it. […]

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Finding the Traitor within this Lent

In many ways, Lent is about finding out where our real loyalties are. It is the season to test whether or not we belong to the city of God or the city of men.  But the difficulty of our search is amplified by the subject matter, for we have ready-made symbols to express our loyalty […]

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Dare To Be An Evangelist This Lent

Just as the Church goes through liturgical seasons, it seems equally true that the entire life of the people of God can be seasonal. Vatican II, the council held in the 60’s, was the source from which the new evangelization was to blossom, and yet, what followed was arguably a period of great testing for […]

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Dracula Hates Lent

If Dracula has taught us anything it is that the life of the anti-Christ is a desperate one. For while it is obvious that this famous character hailing from Transylvania does not call Jesus Lord, it is equally noticeable that Dracula lives out his existence in complete opposition to Christ. It is not difficult to […]

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